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Victorias Antique Warehouse


When it comes to accessorizing your home with accent pieces, nothing being manufactured today compares to the look and feel of authentic architectural artifacts, salvage carvings and glass from bygone eras. Old stained glass possesses a stirring beauty that current technology can’t reproduce. Hand-carved hardwood creates an elegance like nothing that attempts to imitate it.

Please note that the items to the right are just a tiny sampling of the architectural artifacts and salvage pieces that we have in stock. Some items are shown as a representation of the types of
items you’ll find in our store.

You will discover amazing accessories and artifacts throughout our store, including but
definitely not limited to:

  • carved panels
  • wooden dough bowls
  • mirrors
  • oil paintings
  • street signs
  • animal feeders
  • stained glass
  • ceiling tin letters
  • book presses
  • old doors
  • leaded window panes
  • antique ironwork
  • sculpted columns
  • and so much more!